Helping emerging companies in semi-conductor, solar, pharmaceutical, environmental and material lab industries scale from pilot plants to full-scale manufacturing solutions.

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Taking You To The Next Level

Scaling up from the Pilot Plant Stage

US Manufacturing Solutions specializes in helping emerging companies in semi-conductor, solar, pharmaceutical, environmental and material lab industries take the all-important next step.

In every emerging and growing manufacturing company there comes a time when the scale-up of a pilot plant process to a robust full-scale manufacturing level becomes a necessity. Scaling up from pilot plant to full-scale production is often a challenging process; it is product and process knowledge coupled with the foresight of sound, advance planning that can make all the difference in its successful implementation.

Making the “Giant Leap” with a Trusted Partner

A detailed understanding of the nature of process scale-up and the variables that factor into this growth process are crucial to successfully navigating the next stage of your company’s development. All too often company executives take a naïve “Let’s just cross that bridge when we come to it” approach, failing to identify or plan for contingencies well in advance. This frequently leads to both delays and increased costs down the road. Scaling up from pilot is often a giant leap for an emerging company that requires the expertise and foresight of an experienced team. At US Manufacturing Solutions we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this critical stage of your growth, and with our decades of expertise, we can help your company anticipate and proactively thwart or avoid problems that may arise during the scale-up process.

Our Recipe for Successful Scale-up

The key to successful scale-up is in the proper understanding of the critical factors that influence product performance. An effective process scale up framework will deliver a solution that is fully optimized for safety, capital/operating costs, capacity, performance and sustainability. Our approach is to integrate with our customers’ teams to understand the scientific, commercial, quality and regulatory requirements. We break each process down into recognizable engineering unit operations and analyze them to develop a strategy and framework for scale up. Our technical risk management approach to identify the data required from lab and pilot scale development studies is built into a robust process design suitable for implementation.

We carefully review the potential move from batch-based to continuous processing and then deliver the required process and operational developments. We don’t just look at the technical and organizational challenges; we analyze the potential benefits around finance, sustainability and occupational health.