Helping emerging companies in semi-conductor, solar, pharmaceutical, environmental and material lab industries scale from pilot plants to full-scale manufacturing solutions.

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Experienced & Agile Team

With a scalable business model that allows us to adapt our business to meet your needs

Our breath and depth of experience allows us to objectively approach any manufacturing project, no matter how complex or distressed, regardless of the current progress, and identify the most efficient path forward to meet the business objectives.

The team at US Manufacturing Solutions in made up a select group of manufacturing experts, each selected for their decades of experience, and expertise in building successful production solutions for a wide range of manufacturing environments. We intentionally keep our core team lean, so that we remain agile enough to react quickly to the needs of our clients. However, uur many years of industry experience means we are well connected to a large pool of resources that allow us to scale our business as each project requires.

The Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Clients choose us because they want to feel confident that the project outcome will be successful on all fronts. We are able to adapt our people, our processes and our resources to each client’s needs. Structuring our teams with individuals that have complementary talents and skills specific to the needs of the client allows us to consistently deliver high levels of collaboration and innovation that produce superior results.

Fixing Problem Projects

For those clients that bring us into a complex project from the beginning, we provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project will begin and end on time, within budget and will be built to the correct specifications. For those that find themselves behind schedule, over budget or under-staffed, we have a track record of taking projects that were on the brink of disaster and getting them back on track.