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Tool Line Installation

From industrial and process equipment to sensitive laboratory apparatus

We can install a single piece of machinery or provide turnkey services for an entire facility.

We deliver exceptional value in large part due to our ability to complete work with our own team. Self-performing mechanical equipment installation on your project allows us to control every aspect – from preconstruction to punchlist. By owning our own equipment, we do not have to rely on the availability of other vendors to ensure that we have the proper tools for your project.

By utilizing our own skilled trades, we have the resources to meet the demands of our industrial clients, regardless of project size or market conditions. Our team’s depth of experience gives us the ability to customize your project schedule while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety standards.

And through our constant value engineering process and dynamic staging protocol, we are able to meet your deadlines, and quality standards while finding numerous opportunities for cost savings.

Our Equipment & Tool Line Services Include:

Turn-Key Installation: One Team, Fewer Hassles

The keys to a successful turn-key installation project are proper planning, high-quality materials, an experienced construction crew, a safe job site, and attention to detail. US Manufacturing Solutions delivers all of this this project after project.

Critical installation of the equipment and machinery that keeps your business moving is our top priority. Our turn-key services cover all aspects of equipment and tool line installation from off-loading the equipment to assembly and rough-set through final alignment. Our teams can handle infrastructure development, equipment installation and relocation, precision alignment and leveling, structural and miscellaneous steel, etc.

Dynamic Staging

The construction process is typically linear, with one stage following another. For most industrial and commercial contractors, you cannot move on to item 2 until item 1 is done. The problem is that there are always issues when dealing with complex manufacturing equipment. Often equipment is delivered at the wrong time and must be installed immediately, parts are missing, or delivered out of order. Or it arrives before base systems are complete. All of this generally results in construction delays.

Not with US Manufacturing Solutions. Or dynamic staging model allows us to adjust our staging process to ensure the most time-efficient and cost-effective design and build. We have spent decades developing this dynamic approach, and can respond at a moment’s notice to change direction, reorder processes, and employ additional resources to ensure your equipment is installed correctly, on time, and cost-effectively, regardless of unforeseen events like weather, inspectors, delayed deliveries, insufficient supplies…We don’t let anything stop our work from moving forward…so your project is always moving forward.

Assembly & Conveying Systems

The complexity of modern high-tech assembly and conveying equipment requires incredible care and attention to detail during the installation phase. Our team has decades of experience setting up and maintaining a wide range of industrial assembly equipment, from semiconductor manufacturing lines to solar energy panel baking and assembly systems, to circuit board robotics. We handle equipment installs in steel mills to Class 1+ clean rooms. Regardless of your assembly system needs, we have the expertise, resources and experience to ensure it is installed on time, on budget, and to the strictest quality standards.

Air Filtration & Balancing

Air Handling is at the heart of keeping production environments clean and free from the dust and particulates that may reduce product yield. US Manufacturing Solutions has extensive experience designing and building and installing effective air handling systems for a variety of manufacturing environments up to Class 1+ clean rooms.

Our team works to ensure all components of your air handling systems are designed to meet your specific needs and working at their optimum performance including: smoke control and abatement systems, bio-hazard and fume hood systems, duct systems, package rooftop systems, multi-zone systems, ground loop and condenser water systems, fume scrubbers, carbon absorption units and incinerators, process and manufacturing equipment, pumping systems, chillers, cooling towers, pneumatic, electric, and digital control system calibration and commissioning.

Gas Scrubbers

US Manufacturing Solutions can provide system design and installation for a broad range of scrubbers including packed bed scrubbers, Venturi air scrubbers, and multi-stage systems.

Each system is engineered to customer specifications, and to appropriate design and operational standards. We conduct thorough on-site testing & start-up of all scrubbers, and provide hands-on training sessions with your staff.

Concrete Vaults and Trenches

Secure and reliable concrete solutions from precast to custom forms, US Manufacturing Solutions can design and build your concrete utility and electrical vaults and piping trenches. Our many years of experience in a large variety of industrial projects has given us the expertise necessary to develop the right solution for each client.

Our network of resources and efficient scheduling results in on-time, on-budget delivery of every project we take on, which means you have one less thing to worry about.

Tanks & Vessels for Any Need

Whether you are expanding a line or adding an entirely new process system, US Manufacturing Solutions can find and install any type of tank or vessel to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team ensures that you will receive the right tanks and vessels, and they will be installed on time and within budget.

Exterior Equipment Buildings

When you need portable support structures for isolating and protecting your critical equipment from the elements or an environmentally controlled atmosphere we can help you find a solution. Our expertise covers a wide range of needs including lightweight metal shelters, to aggregate shelters, custom container modifications, power and control products, equipment integration, and a full array of services that include transportation, field installation and construction storage.