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Operations & Maintenance

Making maintenance both cost effective and operationally efficient

We help keep your operations running 24/7 as you grow.

As you grow beyond the pilot plant stage, facilities operation and maintenance becomes mission critical. Managing the performance of facilities and buildings requires a full suite of integrated services including: site management, operations support, engineering, safety management, planning, scheduling, procurement, administration, warehousing, shipping and logistics.

US Manufacturing Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you develop solutions for each aspect of maintaining and operating facilities and plants to ensure that they function optimally for many years. We work with you to assess programs and develop strategies that maximize the value of your facilities throughout their entire life cycles.

Through the use of modern technologies and the application of modern philosophies, we can make the development, scheduling, performance, and documentation of preventative maintenance both cost effective and operationally efficient.

Our services include: design review for maintainability, design and implementation of condition assessment and monitoring programs, and the diagnosis and resolution of complex machinery dynamics problems.

From start-up to maintainability, US Manufacturing Solutions provides the level of service your facility demands 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Our Operations & Maintenance Services Include:

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Programs

A comprehensive Preventative and Predictive Maintenance (PPM) program is absolutely essential to an efficient, reliable and safe production process. Benefits are direct and substantial, including: high product quality, long machine life, avoidance of work stoppage, high safety, and lower maintenance costs. US Manufacturing has extensive experience in designing and implementing PPM programs in a range of industries including semiconductor, solar, pharmaceutical environmental health and safety and more. We partners with you to design the most effective PPM program and then help you execute those programs in the most cost-effective manner, often acting as the in-house PPM team for many clients.

Capacity Increase and Expansion Projects

Capacity can be increased through improvements in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), introducing new techniques, equipment and materials, increasing the number of workers or machines, increasing the number of shifts, or acquiring additional production facilities. US Manufacturing solutions can help you identify the most effective path forward for growing your capacity and then design and build the right solution to ensure the best results for your process.

Maintenance Software

US Manufacturing Solutions can help you select, install and maintain industrial maintenance software such as Datastream’s MP2. We are also well versed in SQL Server and other database admin environments for custom system development.

In-house Maintenance Services

US Manufacturing Solutions offers a complete suite of regular and predictive maintenance services that can supplement your in-house team, of operate as a full-service maintenance solution. We have trained technicians that can handle all aspects of your facilities maintenance including: cleanroom cleaning, air handling and balancing, filter system maintenance, precision laser alignment, ultrasonic analysis, infrared thermography, motor current signatures analysis, vibration analysis, pump and motor maintenance, gas scrubber maintenance, environmental cleanup and more.