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Productivity through partnership

Our manufacturing logistics services can make your plant more efficient through an integrated suite of program and processes that increase productivity, preserve your capital and minimize inventory.

The organization of your manufacturing logistics operation can have an important impact on production output. Many manufacturers have turned to outsourcing selective elements of supply logistics.

US Manufacturing Solutions offers a full range of in-bound, in-plant and manufacturing logistical services. Our support can range from project specific consulting to complete end-to-end management of labor, facilities, inventories, and more, including comprehensive on-site operation responsibilities.

Our Logistics Services Include:

In-Bound Services

In today’s world of shorter product lifecycles and lead times, managing in-bound manufacturing is critical. US Manufacturing Solutions can provide complete logistics management, including inventories, facilities and labor. Our customized solutions drill down to every detail so that your company’s components are delivered to the right manufacturing point at precisely the right time.

In-Plant Services

US Manufacturing Solutions can provide a range of on-site outsourcing programs within your facilities and on your property, including: inventory management, packaging, blending and kitting, supply procurement and management, workforce hiring and management, and grounds management. Working seamlessly with your organization, we can support your team or be your team for a range of tasks and functions along the entire supply chain continuum. And with US Manufacturing Solutions, you can be assured that safety, reliability, productivity, and efficiency are always our top priorities.

Manufacturing Services

US Manufacturing Solutions supports customers with a broad range of manufacturing expertise. Partner with us, and we’ll manage your facilities, process, equipment, and the workforce to produce, pack and ready your products for shipment. Our on-site quality assurance standards are among the highest in the industry.