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Entitlements & Incentives

Increasing the value and potential of your project

US Manufacturing Solutions helps clients secure lucrative entitlements and tax incentives that increase the value and potential of their properties.

Taking proactive control of the entitlement process can maximize future rights and flexibility, reduce your approval and litigation risk, and minimize development constraints—resulting in faster approvals, less risk of denial, higher development densities, larger developable areas, longer vesting of development rights, and lower legal and construction costs. We help improve your bottom line as a partner who specializes in developing successful entitlement strategies.

Navigating the Process

Navigating a course through complex and subjective approvals is a fundamental step in advancing a project and securing long-term value for your property. If your site needs annexation, an Environmental Impact Report, general plan amendment, rezoning, planned development permit, conditional use permit, variance or development agreement, you’ll need to know both the regulator and political steps required to secure these approvals.

Optimizing Value

Instead of simply asking an agency what the approval process will be, we understand the regulatory and political details required to draft a comprehensive entitlement roadmap. We understand how to optimize the value of a property while providing responsive, quality development consulting.

While we offer the resources of a large firm, it’s our ability to develop connections to local municipalities and decision-makers that set us apart and allows us to quickly resolve issues and keep a project on track. When it comes to making your development viable and valuable, our extensive experience and ability to maximize local knowledge saves you time and money.