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Saving Millions in Construction Costs for a Solar Manufacturer

We were hired to take a warehouse and install a 294,000 square foot solar manufacturing operation in a timeframe that if achieved would be the quickest build in the industry and at the lowest cost.

The client had a team that was selected and on the ground, but that organization was having a lot of difficulties with the schedule and the cost.

The client approached us to support this project to improve the timeline and the cost overruns and get the project back on track.

Our goal is to drive costs to the appropriate level so the client gets the most value for their money, and drive the schedule so the client can start to realize a return on their investment as soon as possible.

Using our value engineering techniques we found ways to cut costs without cutting systems of major components. By researching codes we found a number of opportunities to control costs via alternatives to some of the more costly items.

This project was billed as a design-build, but the reality was that the project was being built as designs were being laid down on blueprints, so this was a very fluid very dynamic project.

Normally in a project of this size you would get base infrastructure systems in place before the manufacturing equipment arrives. In this situation, the equipment was already in route and in order to avoid delays and damage, we utilized our dynamic staging techniques to began demolition while simultaneously starting the mechanical installation of infrastructure. This allowed us to move the project back on schedule without any cost overruns, and without any compromise in quality.

One of the key challenges with projects of this nature is permitting. In one specific case there was a requirement for an exit corridor to keep employees safe. But this particular requirement was going to drive a $2M add-on. We researched and found alternative ways to meet the fire code requirements and execute the plan while reducing the cost by $1.7 million.

In total we were able to reduce project costs by $23 million and get the project completed on time.