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How Experienced Value Engineering in Process Development Saves Millions

Budget is almost always a big issue when scaling up production processes. For this client we were able to come in and value engineer the project in a number of key areas to bring the budget back in line.

High-tech manufacturing is a very cost intensive industry, so we had to take a look at the entire project and find ways to value engineer the project down to what the client could afford while still allowing them to run an effective and efficient production line.

One aspect of this client’s manufacturing needs was clean rooms. Since many of their engineer had come from the semi-conductor world, there was a perception that they needed a very high power, detailed air cleaner. In this particular application they did not need as much, so the first step that we took was look at the production floors and see what was really needed. We were able save many millions of dollars by right-sizing the air handling to meet the correct clean room specifications.

There was also a lot of interlaid roof and maintenance space above the production floor that was designed in that was not needed. By removing this from the design we were able to lower the cost while still providing an environment in which the product production could still be successful. This also saved the client millions of dollars, while also reducing the cost of ongoing facility maintenance.

In addition, we found a number of ways to reduce construction materials costs through improved delivery scheduling and re-staging of equipment installation.