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Getting a $200 Million Manufacturing Facility Back on Schedule

This particular facility is located on 85.6 acres in 240,000 square feet. We were under a very tight time schedule and very severe of budgetary constraints and se we had to execute quickly and efficiently right from the very beginning.

We had to mobilize to bring in the right talent and the right equipment rapidly and so we leaned on our network to marshall a significant number of resources in a very short timeframe.

Because we were taking over for an in-house team that was having difficulty meeting the project guidelines, there were a lot of emotion and a bit of a resistance at the start. Working closely with the client’s executive team we continued to focus on facts and the deliverables and eventually won the in-house team over as they saw that were were getting them back on track and involving them every step of the way.

Ultimately the factory opened in time to preserve the significant performance based incentives offered by the municipality and allowed the client to meet their first year production contracts on time.

Our ability to be straightforward, and say the things that clients don’t always want to hear served us well in the situation and allowed us to quickly identify opportunities for cost and time savings that had to be acted on quickly.